Overview: How To Create a Batch in Enterprise

Accounting data is processed in batches in CMiC. Batches can be prepared or created from two locations.

1) From the menu on the treeview by Prepare Batch prior to entering data.

2) Or “on the fly” from the application by Create Batch.

The process of creating a batch is the same for both methods. This document will provide the steps for creating a batch as shown in Step 2 above. The Transactions Entry screen is being used but the Create Batch process is the same of all modules and applications within Enterprise that require batch entry.  

NOTE: In some applications, the Create Batch button is not seen until you click or tab into the Batch field.

  STEP 1: Select the menu item where you will be entering data.

STEP 2: Click Create Batch. In this particular screen, you must click or tab to Batch field for the Create Batch button to be shown.

STEP 3:  Enter batch information on the first available line where the Batch Name is empty and your User name is shown. In the example above, no open batches exist so you would use the first line. If other open batches were listed, you would need to scroll down to the first available line or click the insert button shown above to insert a line.

             a. Batch Date – System date will default. This is not the posting date.

             b. Batch Name – Name should be user’s initials, date, and brief description.

                             · Ex. EC 01/10/2014 Transfer Cost. (Do not exceed 30 characters).


STEP 4: Click Select.