Letter for Vendors & Subs - How to Submit Invoices or RFP

The attached letter can be sent to vendors and subs new to the Swinerton invoice submittal process.

Attention Vendor/Subcontractor:  5 easy steps to get your invoice paid


To help expedite payments, we ask that you take a few minutes to make sure your records are updated with our latest information.


#1) ELECTRONIC INVOICE delivery is the preferred method of submitting billings to Swinerton. Invoices are to be sent in pdf file format with only one invoice per pdf file. No other electronic format will be accepted. Please send invoices to:




#2) if eInvoice is not an option for you, PAPER COPIES need to be mailed to:

2300 Clayton Road Suite 800 Concord, CA 94520 


NOTE-only submit invoices once, either electronically or via paper. Please do not submit multiple copies.


#3) VERY IMPORTANT: Subcontractors utilizing TEXTURA for contract billings should continue to follow that current process. Do not send a duplicate billing copy to eInvoice.


#4) the following information is REQUIRED on each invoice submitted to Swinerton:


Job Number or Department Number

Contract/ PO number (where applicable)


#5) all other questions and CORRESPONDENCE (including phone calls) should continue to be sent to the jobsite/division office that you currently have on file, not Corporate AP.


The Swinerton Finance team thanks you for your cooperation!