Overview: How to Utilize the Owner Draw Box to Release PwP Holds Automatically

By entering the appropriate draw number in the Owner Draw # Box on the Retainage Release or Registered Pay Request flysheet, the PwP hold is automatically released when the owner’s payment is posted in CMiC.

How to determine the correct Owner Draw #:

Determine which owner draw relates to the RFP by reviewing the RFP to see if the PM provided this information within the approval box on the paper Progress Payment Request Form or by reviewing the dates the invoice covers.

In the example below, the PM notes that this RFP should relate to Owner Billing #10.

If using CMiC Enterprise:

    · Go to Accounts Receivable  > Query > Invoice Query


If using CMiC Project Management:

    · Go to Budget & Cost Management >  Job Cost AP & AR Queries & Logs > AR Invoice Query


Query up project by Job Code (Project #12059010 in this example)


Find the July 2013 owner billing – owner billing #10. In this case, the JB Draw number matches the owner billing so you would note 10 on the RFP Workflow Flysheet within the Owner Draw box.

NOTE: The owner billing number and the draw number does NOT always match so be careful and make sure you note the JB Draw that is being called out within this query.

Based the research performed in the aforementioned steps, you will enter 10 within the Owner Draw box on the Workflow Flysheet. This will cause the PwP hold to automatically release once owner funding is posted by Corporate.