Sub-To-Self A/R and A/P Process

Overview: How to Bill and Clear Sub-To-Self Progress Payments

The following steps detail how to bill and clear payments when a Swinerton affiliate is the subcontractor.

STEP 1: A/R billing is created and sent to Project Manager for approval.

STEP 2: Project Manager approves billing.

STEP 3: Billing is given to the A/P Project Accountant and corresponding voucher is entered into A/P workflow via e-invoice.

STEP 4: When the request for approval notification is received by the A/P Project Accountant:

  • A/P Project Accountant approves the A/P invoice and puts it on manual hold.
  • PM approves the invoice through workflow.
  • A/P invoice is posted against cost.
  • A/R Project Accountant enters the billing.
  • A/P Project Accountant emails Patty Ponce and with A/R and A/P information to clear.

E-mail Patty & AP the following information:

A/R Coding:

  • Job Number
  • Customer Number
  • A/R Invoice Number
  • Amount

A/P Coding:

  • Job Number
  • Vendor Number
  • A/P Invoice Number
  • Amount