Closing the Job

Overview: In CMiC the “Job”, "Contract" and the “Project” will need to be closed by the Financial Manager upon job closeout.  This document covers how to close the Job.

NOTE: Gather all the jobs that you need to close and you can complete the process all at once.  You do want to make sure you have Entered and Posted the Final WIP Adjustments prior to closing your list of jobs.

STEP 1: Log into CMiC Enterprise>Job Costing>Job>Enter Job


STEP 2: Filter to find the project. Enter Project Number and hit Enter.

STEP 3: Click Edit.

STEP 4: Double check the Status of the project.  In order to Close the Job, the status must be "In Process"


NOTE: The job must have the Status of "In Process" to close. If the job status is "Pending", click HERE to update the status.

STEP 5: Click on Utilities>Close Billings, Costs Jobs and TM Contracts 

STEP 6: Filter to find the project. Enter Project Number and hit Enter. 

STEP 7: Input the date that you are actually closing the Job.

STEP 8: Click Process and Exit.


 Repeat steps 6-8 for as many jobs as you are closing