Closing the Project

Overview: In CMiC the “Job”, "Contract"  and the “Project” will need to be closed by the Financial Manager upon closeout.  This document covers how to close the Project.

STEP 1: Log into CMiC Project Management

STEP 2: If you do not see the project name/number at the top of the treeview for the project you would like to close, then follow steps 3-4 to locate the project.  If the correct project is at the top of the treeview, skip to step 6.

STEP 3: Click the Project: Name (shown in Bold)                                                                                        
STEP 4: You have a couple of options:

a. Choose from the project history (projects you have worked on recently)

b. If you know the project number, type it in the blue Project field and click "Submit" button or the "enter" key on your keyboard



c. If you do NOT know the project number, click the up arrow next to the Project field.  This list displays all projects within your specific security group. 


Use the % signs as wild cards to search for a job number or name.


A percent (%) sign can be used in the following ways:


Job% = Find any record starting with "Job".

%Job = Find any record ending with "Job"

%Job% = Find any record containing the word "Job".


Searching for Job Numbers works the same way.

12056% = All jobs started in 2012 AND in Operating Group 056.

Enter the desired information into the Find: field and click "Go"

 Find the project you are looking for and click on it and CMiC will switch to that project


STEP 5: Click on the project name at the top of the treeview and click View Current Project at the bottom of the list of values.  This will direct you to the Project Maintenance Screen.


STEP 6: Click the Close Project button

STEP 7: You will receive a popup/checkbox asking “Do you wish to remove the collaborator flag for all External (BP) contacts for this project?
STEP 8: ALWAYS check the box
STEP 9: Click Proceed

STEP 10: The project will now be closed.  You can confirm it is closed in the Project Maintenance header upper right hand corner if the “Closed” checkbox is checked.