Job Billings – Voids and Deletions

Deleting a billing

Depending on the complexity of the billing and the number or manual overrides entered, sometimes when editing a bill it is easier to delete and recreate it rather than enter more overrides.

To delete a billing which has not been posted, navigate to Billing – G/C Prepare Billing.

On the billing screen, simply click on the Delete Billing button.

Then, click OK at the pop-up box and Cancel at the next prompt to complete the deletion process.  If you want to re-enter the billing amounts, click on the “Draw #” button instead of clicking Cancel.

Voiding a Posted Draw

To void a posted draw, navigate to Utilities – Void Posted Draw/Revision. You can use the pull-down menu (below) or the tree on the left side of your screen.

The current date will display in the Posting Date field, and it must be greater than or equal to the posted date of the draw to be voided.

Press the Page Down key and query the Contract (typically the job number).

The items with the yellow background have been posted and are eligible for voiding. 

Click in the appropriate Select box, check Print Reports Immediately, and click the Void button

Voiding a draw will reverse the billing completely by creating a memo against the original invoice.

If you have posted draws 1-4, for example, and need to void draw 2, you must also void draws 3 and 4.

If you have several posted draws and need to void a draw from 3 months ago, for example, you must also void all subsequent draws.