BIM 360 Field iPad: Setting Up Locations


STEP 1: Navigate to the corresponding location on the iPad using the drop down arrows in the top middle of the screen. Make sure you drill down as far as possible in your location hierarchy

STEP 2: Click the “Pins” option and then the “add from Library” option in the drop down on the top left side of the page.

STEP 3: Zoom into the correct room location on the drawing that is being linked

STEP 4: Click the blue “appears on report” button in the top right of the screen or zoom out and use the adjustment tools to surround the area you would like to link to this specific location and appear on the reports

- Repeat until all locations in your hierarchy are accounted for.

- Sync on a regular basis to ensure past work has been uploaded so your work is not lost should an error occur.

Why this is important:

This allows all team members to have access to the locations on the project the day they start using it

Having a logical breakdown of the drawings and locations will make it easy for team members to document issues and collect relevant information

Breaking the drawings down into different areas and rooms make the reports very simple to understand and follow


The 360 Field Project Champion should setup all locations prior to any of the other internal or external team members getting access to the project

Make sure to set the blue boundary just outside of the area that it represents so that pins show up on the reports and don't accidentally get placed outside the boundary line


Don't break up the drawings by grid lines because this will cause confusion with the users onsite unless everyone is comfortable with referring to gridlines in lieu of rooms names and numbers or areas

Don't use the same project for more than one project.  Even if there's a new phase that gets added to the project, if it's under a separate contract a new project should be setup.  Mixing different contractual projects could result in difficulty with discovery and legal issues.

Don't setup a location on several different sheets. This will be confusing for the users who need to create the issues and will result in inconsistent reports