BIM 360 Glue: General Overview of Web Based Module

SB Project Team 

Steps Involved: 

STEP 1: Sign in to 360 Glue by clicking on desktop icon on PC

STEP 2: Watch the “Getting Started Videos” on the home screen

STEP 3: Review the following Web Based Tools: Inviting New Project Members

  • Uploading Models
  • Merge Models
  • Align Merged Models
  • Find and Manage Clashes
  • Folder Structure
  • File Naming Conventions
  • How to Glue Models
  • Navigation Tools
  • Model Interface Tools

STEP 4: Request a project based training from your regional VD&C support staff if needed

STEP 5: Utilize the 360 Glue Training Power Point for further explanation

Why this step is important 

1. To put aside time to review the general practice will ensure you competence to lead a coordination project in Glue.


1. Get familiar with Glue; don’t be afraid to test out its capabilities. Ask other VD&C Managers for tips and tricks


1. Manually align models, be sure the models have the correct origin before they are glued.