BIM 360 Glue: General Overview of iPad Based Module

SB Project Team 

Download BIM 360 Glue from the iTunes App Store on your iPad.

     4.0      Autodesk BIM 360 Glue 

Steps Involved: 

STEP 1: My Recent Models Link

  • Quick Access to view your most recent merged models

Swinerton_Incorporated Link

  • Location where all your BIM 360 Glue projects are located
  • Access to all Merged Models, Models, Point Clouds and CAD

STEP 3: Local Models Link

  • Location where local NavisWorks NWD files are stored/accessed

STEP 4: Review Merged Models

  • Locate Merged Models and Models
  • Navigation: Walk, Immersive View, Gravity, Home View
  • Measure distance – Point to Point or Between two objects
  • Object Selection – Properties, object visibility

STEP 5: Collaborate and identifying clashes via Markups

STEP 6: Send/Reply via Markups

STEP 7: Use views to help navigate on the iPad

Why this step is important:

1. Leveraging the model from the iPad can provide quick access to the model in the field

2. A quick way to collaborate to one another using Markups from the field or at home

3. Easy and quick way to QC the Field install using the iPad


1. Use the iPad to review the model for quick access in the field

2. Be descriptive with naming markups as well as the message associated with markups. Email notifications will display the messages.

3. As a best practice, create views and mark-ups from the client version.


1. Don’t use Outlook to send markups or communicate coordination as much as possible. Leverage BIM 360 through visual representation of issues and attached comments and for managing the coordination process. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

You cannot create views from the iPad only view what was created on the client version.