BIM 360 Glue: Inviting Subcontractors and Consultants 

SB Project Team, Subcontractors 

Steps Involved: 

STEP 1: Log into BIM 360 Glue

STEP 2: Select the “admin” menu from the user menu in the top right hand side of the screen

STEP 3: Select the “projects” menu on the left hand side of the screen

STEP 4: Hover over the project that you’d like to add subcontractors and consultants to and click on “Manage project members”

STEP 5: You can then add members, remove project members or modify their project access from this menu


Why this step is important: 

1. Adding, removing and modifying team members for a project is a necessity for managing a project coordination project


1. Provide training on BIM 360 Glue by using the (360 Glue training guide materials) prior to providing access to the 360 Glue site

2. Provide the correct level of access depending on the users comfort level with the program and their role on the project

3. Collect a list from your subcontractors of the detailers, general foreman and project managers that will need access to the 360 Glue site

4. Add them all at the same time and send out a follow up email with the steps involved to sign in as well as the subcontractor startup guide.


1. Add any subcontractors or consultants as a project administrator

2. Provide access to the site prior to providing training