Tricks & Tips: How To Do Overlay Model Compare in 360 Glue 

This is an effective way to do a quick overview/compare of the same model from two different versions.

STEP 1: First begin by viewing the single Model from BIM 360 Glue. Client version only

STEP 2: You should now see the single model in BIM 360 Glue. Keep in mind you are now viewing the latest version.

STEP 3: To compare this latest version to another, simply right click on the file and click “View Versions”.

STEP 4: To Compare, simply right click on any older version and choose

STEP 5: Quickly both models will load in 1 viewing window. For best results click on the latest copy to highlight the changes  from the previous version. Objects that flicker between highlighted and color usually means they are in the same location, thus no change. Items that are easily highlighted means something is new.