Shared Coordinates Process: Prepare Site Plan in Revit

Steps involved:

STEP 1: Open/create floor plan view of the site plan of Revit site model. 

STEP 2: Site file usually contains prior linked building models from the design team. If needed, link each discipline’s model directly to the site model.  Position the models correctly relative to each other in plan view.  Close all models to be linked to the site model prior to linking.

STEP 3: Ensure under Manage Links, the linked files’ reference type is “overlay” and not “attachment”.  The site file, with a linked architectural file, will show the nested discipline files if the reference type of the linked files in the architectural file is “attachment.”

STEP 4: Select and pin each model so it cannot be moved from its position by accident.

Open View Properties and set orientation under Graphics from Project North to True North.

STEP 5: Edit View Range so the cut plane will not intersect the buildings model(s) when there is considerable elevation above sea level, such as in a mountainous area.



Ensure all architectural and discipline models are linked directly to the site model so there is only one file—the site model—where coordinates are acquired from the civil survey file and published for all Revit models of the project.


Don’t create a project site plan in a building project model for a multi-building project. It is easier to move and rotate when models are linked to a site project file.

Do not open linked project files when the site file with these models is open.  Revit will automatically unlink the opened project from the site model.