Shared Coordinates Process: Verify Shared Coordinates Positioning 


STEP 1: Open the building models. Open the floor plan view to verify the PBP and survey point are not on top of each other. 

STEP 2: Change the orientation parameter to True North. Revit defaults to Project North in plan views. Verify that the PBP and survey points change their orientation if survey file’s North orientation is not also Project North.

Project North

True North

STEP 3: Open elevation view. Verify true elevations.

STEP 4: Verify shared coordinates locations in Revit site file and in civil survey file in AutoCAD.

Manage<Coordinates<Report Shared Coordinates

Click on several reference points, such as survey point in Revit, to verify its shared coordinates against those in the civil survey file shown within AutoCAD.


  • Autodesk Revit Collaboration: Shared Coordinates for Projects Big and Small by Steve Stafford
  • Understanding Shared Positioning in Revit by James Vanderzande