Standard Deliverables: 3D Grid Lines

Since Revit 2D gridlines are not recognized by BIM 360 Glue, the past practice to display them is to convert the Revit 2D gridlines into an AutoCAD file and upload them.  However when orientating the merged 3D model in BIM 360 Glue, it becomes difficult to see the in-plane gridlines.  The best practice is to create 3D gridlines from General Model Family Category.  You can download the 3D Gridline rfa file here:

STEP 1: Load 3D Gridline.rfa file into project 

STEP 2: Drag 3D Gridline from Project Browser to Floor Plan View

STEP 3: Create 3D Gridline by tracing over existing Revit Gridlines—elevation of the 3D gridlines will align with the level’s referenced elevation.

STEP 4: Change gridline number or number under “Properties” and row “Grid”

STEP 5: Select and group the gridlines and name by level.

STEP 6: Create gridlines for other levels and group accordingly

STEP 7: Create new 3D view displaying only the gridlines by level—adhere model naming convention for BIM 360 Glue.

STEP 8: Glue each 3D view to BIM 360 Glue