Standard Deliverables: Placing Room Name/Number on Floor of Each Room 

As with gridlines and other annotations, BIM 360 Glue will not be able to show the room tag shown on floor plan in Revit. To enable viewers of BIM 360 Glue model to easily orient themselves when walking through the interior spaces virtually and as a reference for coordination purposes, one can use model text in Revit to show room number and labels in 3D, as indicated on contract drawings, to be visible in BIM 360 Glue.

STEP 1: Go to floor plan view in Revit where room tags and interior walls are shown

STEP 2Click

STEP 3: Type the text in all capital letters to be displayed in BIM 360 Glue, typically “Room No.” – “Room Name” (for example, A119 – DATA).

STEP 4: Duplicate a 3D view and under “Visibilities and Graphics” check only “Generic Models.” Hide all other generic model elements that are not the 3D room label texts.

STEP 5: Rename 3D view for each level according to model naming structure for BIM 360 Glue

STEP 6: Glue to BIM 360 Glue