Voiding WIP

Overview: How to void posted WIP in CMiC

If a WIP adjustment has been posted, the Void WIP process must be completed using the following steps.  Not following these steps will result in the WIP reversal not being properly posted to the General Ledger.  Only unposted WIP can be deleted using the remove button. 

Log into CMiC Enterprise

1) Click Job Costing

2) Click Forecasting

3) Click Work-In-Process Adjustments

4) Click Enter and Post Adjustments

5) Query Job

          · Year and Period will default to open period.  Change the period if you are looking for WIP from a prior period.

          · If WIP is posted WIP, it record will be highlighted in blue. Do not use the remove button if WIP is posted.

6) Click Post/Void WIP Adjustment tab


         · Note:  Even though you queried the job on the WIP Adjustment tab, you must query again on the Post/Void WIP Adjustment                screen.


7) Place curser on first line and click F11, F12 and job will populate.  You do not need to enter the job number.