AP Workflow: Coder or Approver is Missing the + Sign When Trying to Code Invoice - Not Able To Code/Approve

Job Setup Specialist add and remove AP Workflow responsibilities; Coder, Coder Backup, Approver, Approver Backup, Accountant, Accountant Backup tasks. Users should be added to the proper Imaging Security Group at the time they are assigned Coder and Approver in AP Workflow Resource Lookups. However, sometimes the Job Setup Specialists misses this step - that is what causes the error. 


Problem: An AP Workflow Invoice Coder or Approver reports that they cannot add coding, missing approval functions along the top of invoice or are missing the blue + sign.


Solution: after confirming the user has been added to AP Workflow, they need to be added to Imaging Group, INVAPVR. 

1. Go to CMiC Enterprise, Imaging/Utilities/Security/Groups

2. Click on INVAPVR and leave your cursor there > click Users


3. Click Insert and paste or type-in the employee's username (i.e. mike.smith or msmith) > tab out

4. Once you have added the employee's username, click Save and Exit

5. Here's the Canned Response you can add to your list of responses for these kind of tickets > Send and Resolve

In order to complete this request, settings have been adjusted or items have been added to your CMiC account. Please click F5 to refresh or close up all browsers running CMiC, launch a new browser, login and give it another try

I am going to close up your ticket at this time. However, if you continue to run into problems, please Reply to this message to reopen the ticket.