Accounts Payable: Change Batch Posting Date

Problem: Approximately monthly, there is a request from AP to change a Batch Posting Date for a Textura Disbursement or some other type of Batch. AP provides you with the Batch# that needs the date edited.


STEP 1: Go to CMiC Enterprise, Accounts Payable/Utilities/Change Batch Post Date

STEP 2: Enter the information as shown in the red boxes. The rest defaults.

Company = 010

Batch Type = may be Manual Check Batch, Voucher Batch, etc. You will need to check around each of these and see where the Batch # pops up

Batch Number = number provided by AP.

Enter the New Posting Date as requested by AP.

Once you have entered all of this information, click Update Post Date.

STEP 3: After you click Update Post Date, the "Process Completed..." text shows up. Verify the post date has been changed correctly (in this case, the post date was successfully changed from 09/30/2016 to 10/03/2016).

STEP 4: Reply back to AP that the process has been completed.

NOTE: if you are not able to find the batch under AP/Utilities/Change Batch Post Date, try under Subcontract Management/Utilities/Change Batch Post Date, and perform the same process as shown above. See screenshot below.