Subcontract Workflow: How To End CMiC PM Subcontract Workflow in Oracle Workflow Manager

If someone requests a subcontract workflow be ended or if there is a problem with the approvals, follow the steps below to do this. Ending/cancelling the workflow allows the PM to re-start it. This can be used if the workflow appears to be stuck (not moving), or if it needs to go all the way back to the beginning for some reason. 

NOTE: Troubleshooting this item requires access to Oracle Workflow Manager. You also need the Oraseq number from the subcontract (number at bottom of Review/Approval tab on subcontract). 

In the ticket you will need them to provide the Job# and the Subcontract# (or Commitment #) 

NOTE: Subcontracts and Commitments are the same thing, the terms are used interchangeably


Go into CMiC PM, change to the correct Project #, or if on it already then click on the Budget & Cost Management Folder.

Go into the Subcontract > to the Review/Approval tab > scroll all the way to the bottom > Copy the Oraseq #

Now you need to pull it up in Workflow Manager to cancel the workflow

You can get to the Workflow Manager 2 ways...

....from the menu tree on the Field side


...from the menu tree on the Enterprise side

STEP 1: Click Find Processes


STEP 2: In the Item Key field, enter/paste the Oraseq number for the workflow you are trying to end - in format %(number)%. 
Click Find.


STEP 3: Click on the Process Name for the active subcontract


STEP 4: Click View Diagram


STEP 5: Double-click Lookup Project Setup Specialist


STEP 6: Click Get Project Setup Specialist from Company and then click Expedite at the bottom of the page


STEP 7: Click Skip and select Exception. Then click OK


STEP 8: The workflow is now ended. To make sure the cancellation was completed, go back into the Subcontract and make sure the Workflow Status field is "REJECTED." 

The PM can now click the Workflow button at the top in CMiC PM to get the workflow started again. Note: Only the PM can workflow a Subcontract.