Ordering Items from RentalResult

NOTE: You will need a license to order from the RentalResult Portal.  If you do not have a login/pw, please go to Swinerton Support and submit a ticket.

NOTE: Category Rules - Make sure you have the correct phase code/category combination on your job before ordering the items

71170 = Items owned by Swinerton that you are renting

71120 = Items NOT owned by Swinerton that you are renting through the yard. (Example: Forklift that the yard is renting through United Rentals and billing the project for)

71130 = Consumable items that will get used up during the duration of the project. (Example: Gloves, Shovels) *Although if still usable at the end of the project please return to the yard. 

STEP 1: After searching, choose the item you want.

STEP 2: Enter how many you need
STEP 3: Enter your project #    

NOTE: you can search by clicking the magnifying glass  
STEP 4: Choose the Phase code

STEP 5: Choose the Category

STEP 6: Choose the date/time you need the item delivered by

STEP 7: Choose the date/time you anticipate you will be done with the item and will need it picked up

STEP 8: Add any additional instructions (if needed)

STEP 9: Click Add to my rental cart

STEP 10: Make sure the shipping address is correct

STEP 11: Add your name

STEP 12: Add your Phone number

STEP 13: Choose to add more items OR Save the order but don't submit it yet (you may need to come back to it) OR Save and Submit to yard.  It is only have the Save and Submit that your Yard Manager is alerted.

STEP 14: You will get this message and it will also email you the confirmation