CORE - Creating a Contract from Portal Requisition - Manual Dispatch / Will Call

NOTE: Manual Dispatch means: Someone from the project will be coming to the yard to pick up the item or is currently there to pick it up.

NOTE: Category Rules - Make sure you have the correct phase code/category combination on your job before ordering the items


71170 = Items owned by Swinerton that you are renting

71120 = Items NOT owned by Swinerton that you are renting through the yard. (Example: Forklift that the yard is renting through United Rentals and billing the project for)

71130 = Consumable items that will get used up during the duration of the project. (Example: Gloves, Shovels) *Although if still usable at the end of the project please return to the yard.

STEP 1: Click Logistics

STEP 2: Click Control Center

STEP 3: Change the To: date out so as to see requisitions needed throughout the month.

STEP 4: Change Types: to Requisitions only

STEP 5: Click Search

STEP 6: Click Select box for the Requisition you want to change to a contract

STEP 7: Once checked Right click the box 

STEP 8: Hover over Actions

STEP 9: Choose "Create rental order" or "Take requisition line to existing contract" (this allows you to  continue to add new requisitions to a single contract)

STEP 10: Change Transaction to Manual Dispatch

STEP 11: Change Type to Will Call
STEP 12:
 Click Ok

STEP 13: Click Product tab

NOTE: You can Add/Edit/Remove items here if needed. CLICK HERE to see what happens if you choose to Remove an item.

STEP 14: Double click on the item to "Pick" the inventory item

STEP 15: Click the "Pick Item" icon

STEP 16: Pick the item (This allows you to just pick the next item or pick a specific inventory item #)

STEP 17: Click Close

STEP 18: Double check the project phase/category

STEP 19: Double check the On/Off Rental Dates AND Times (Don't leave at 00:00, example above would not be correct and Order will not calculate the rental rates correctly without it.)

STEP 20: Double check the Rates

NOTE: If the Rental Rates come in as 0.00, see the guide for How To Enter Rental Rates

STEP 21: Click Close

STEP 22: Click the Dispatch icon

STEP 23: Click Yes

STEP 24: Click Email document (This will email the original requester to let them know it is officially "On Rent") However, you can also just look at the document, print it or fax it.

STEP 25: Click Close

Item is now On Rent