Subcontract Workflow: Project Admin is not seeing a subcontract in their workflow to approve. They were supposed to have received this in their workflow.

Follow the steps below to investigate. In this case the Project Admin did not see the subcontract in their workflow to approve, because the PM had not yet submitted it to workflow.

STEP 1: From SwinNet, go to CMiC PM (Project Management) and pull up the job number

STEP 2: Click Budget and Cost Management/Subcontract

STEP 3: Click on the Contract No. the user has reported an issue with.

STEP 4: Click the Review/Approval tab. This tab shows all information related to the workflow process of the subcontract (when the PM submitted to workflow, everyone who has approved it, etc.). In this case the Review/Approval tab is blank, indicating the PM has not yet submitted this to workflow. This means that the Project Admin would not see it in their workflow, because it is not submitted yet. You will also note that the Workflow Status is Unsubmitted.

STEP 5: In this case, the Project Admin needs to instruct the PM to submit the subcontract to workflow by clicking the Workflow button. The Project Admin will then see the subcontract in their workflow. The issue will be resolved once the PM submits this to workflow.