Subcontract Workflow: PM keeps approving Subcontract Workflow Notification, but it keeps coming back to their workflow (does not ever approve/leave their workflow)

Problem: PM reports they keep approving a subcontract workflow notification, but it continues to come back to their workflow.

Solution: Most likely this means there is something incorrect in the setup of the subcontract, that is preventing them from approving it. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

1.  Open the subcontract in CMiC PM under Budget & Cost Management/Subcontract. Click on the subcontract number to open the subcontract.

2. Click the Review/Approval Tab and locate the ORASEQ number (number at very bottom of list). You need this number to kill the subcontract and start it over.

3. Kill the workflow in Oracle Workflow Manager to get it into a rejected state, by following these steps: Subcontract Workflow: How To "Kill" (End) CMiC PM Subcontract Workflow in Oracle Workflow Manager

4. Click on the Review/Approval tab again, under the subcontract in CMiC Project Management. Here you will see where you killed the workflow (REJECTED - SYSTEM). The error message displayed is that phase code 16035024.007480.71160 is not set up on the job. This is the phase code for Subguard Insurance. Normally this might not be a big deal, but in this case the CDI (Subguard) button at the top had been checked for the subcontract. So the subcontract was looking for a subguard code, but there was no code set up. Confirmed with the PM that the subcontract should not have the subguard button checked, so unchecked that button for her.

5. Ask the PM to resubmit the subcontract by clicking the Workflow button.

6. Ask the PA to re-approve the subcontract in their workflow notifications

7.  Ask the PM to again re-approve the subcontract in their workflow notifications.

8. The subcontract should now be posted (out of workflow), and the issue should be resolved. The cause of the specific issue in this case is that the subcontract should not have had the CDI (Subguard) button checked, since there was no phase code set up for subguard on the job.