AP Workflow - AP Indexer asks how to route invoice. In rejection note they were asked to send to a different person in workflow

Problem: See screenshot below. AP Indexer asks you for advice on how to route an invoice based on the rejection note. In this case, the Indexer was requested in the rejection note to route the invoice to a different person (not to a different job number). It is not possible for the Indexer to route the invoice directly to a different person through workflow.


1. The AP Indexer needs to contact the regional Job Setup Specialist and inquire if any edits should be made to the AP Workflow on the job, based on the rejection note.

2. The Job Setup Specialist then needs to reach out to the project team on the job (i.e., 14090026 in this case) to ask if the AP workflow (Coder, Approver, Accountant assignments) needs to be edited.

3. The Job Setup Specialist makes edits to the AP workflow on the job as requested, and asks the Indexer to resubmit the invoice. The invoice should now go to the correct person.