How To Install and Setup the Labor Productivity Quantity App

Install the Labor Quantity App PROD Environment:
If the URL does not take you to the app, copy and paste it into a web browser’s address bar

The Labor Quantity app is a Swinerton Custom application.  You can enter and post Quantities to CMiC.  You can enter quantities even if you are not connected to the internet.

On August 9th, 2021 you should be using VERSION 3.1

STEP 1: Click “Install/Update” to download the mobile app

STEP 2: Click the Home button on your iPad to locate the app

STEP 3: Once installed, click icon to launch the app

              If you don’t see any prompts about “Trust” proceed to STEP 6


Trust prompts are common when launching the Labor Quantity App for the first time. If one pops up, please complete the steps below.

STEP 4: If you receive the “Untrusted App Developer” prompt, click Trust

STEP 5: If you get the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” prompt, click Cancel

STEP 6: Go into Settings > General > (Device Management) Profiles

              Tap on your Profile (Device Management)
Tap Trust button


STEP 7: Go back to the app and launch it again 

              Enter your username and password

NOTE: On the login page, you will see latest app version in the bottom right corner