Updates to the App:

1: There there will be periodic updates

2: Updates will be emailed to the users 

3: It is extremely important you download the updated application whenever you receive an email 

4: If you do not keep current with the application version, Btech cannot guarantee your experience

Logging into the App

STEP 1: From your iPad, click on the app

  NOTE: Above the User Name field you will see an indicator whether you are "Online" or "Offline.  The first time you log into the application, you need to be "Online" for the application to sync all of the jobs you have access to.  Refer to the section for "Online vs. Offline mode" for more details.

STEP 2: Enter your User Name and Password 

  NOTE: This will be the same User Name/Password that you use to log into your laptop

STEP 3: Check the Remember Me box 

STEP 4: Click the LOGIN button

  NOTE: The first time you enter the application, logging on could take a little longer.  Generally logging on takes about 25 seconds.

  NOTE: Users will be automatically logged out after 1 hour of idle time

STEP 5: Move onto the Selecting Job and Submission Date

Selecting Job and Submission Date
STEP 1: In the upper right hand corner you will see the "Online" or "Offline" indicator

  NOTE: Refer to the section regarding "Online versus Offline" for more details about the modes

STEP 2: Enter your Job #/Job Name

  NOTE: When you begin typing either the name or the number, a list will appear on the right and your can either pick from there or continue typing until your selection is in the field

STEP 3: Enter your Submission Date 

  NOTE: Best if you get into a habit of entering all the quantities on a specific day each week

If Adding to an Existing (Unposted) Submission

  • If there is an existing submission on the job that has not yet been approved and posted, the oldest submission date will default into the "Submission Date" field.  If you want to add more quantities to this date then allow the submission date to remain.
  •  If you want to add more quantities to a different previous submission date, you can tap on that field and all existing submissions that have not yet been posed will be listed in date order. Although is is not recommended to have multiple submission dates that are not yet posted and approved. Reporting could appear incorrect if submissions are not being posted timely.

If New Submission Date

  • Click the calendar with the plus sign to the right
  • A date scroll wheel will appear
  • Scroll to the date you would like to submit quantities for 
  • Tap on the date you want
  • Tap outside the scroll wheel for the wheel to close

STEP 4: Tap Submit

STEP 5: If there is a previous submission that has been made on the job, you will recieve a popup that say "Recall from Previous Submission"

  • Clicking "NO" will start a new submission with No Phases populated
  • Clicking "YES" will bring in ALL the phases that have been used in ALL the previous submissions on the job

NOTE:  If this is the first submission ever made on the job, you will not receive the popup

STEP 6: When the Approval Screen appears

  • If you selected "NO" to recall from previous submission, there will be no phases populated withing the grid
  • If you selected "YES" to recall from previous submission, ALL phases entered from ALL previous submissions will be populated in the grid with no current quantities 

STEP 7: Move onto "Entering Quantities"