AP Workflow: An RFP Workflow Notification keeps coming back to me (as an Accountant). How can I clear this out of my workflow?

Problem: As an Accountant, you have approved an RFP, but the RFP keeps coming back to your workflow notifications. Under the Audit History of the invoice, it shows that you Approve the notification, but then it keeps notifying you over and over. How can you clear the notification out of the workflow, so it moves on?

Solution: Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

STEP 1: Take a closer look at the text in the workflow notification in your workflow. Most likely, a certain SOV line has been over or under-allocated. Here the message is saying the SOV line for task 000.004 has been over-allocated.

STEP 2: Correct the SOV line referenced in the workflow notification.

STEP 3: Approve the RFP again.The notification should clear out of your workflow. If the notification still does not clear out of your workflow, and you have taken action to correct the SOV line, please turn in a Swinerton Support ticket.