Subcontract Workflow: PM keeps approving Subcontract Workflow Notification, but it keeps coming back AND no error message is given in Review/Approval tab

Problem: PM reports he selects and approves his Workflow Notifications but they never get approved in the system and there is no error on the Review/Approval tab.

Solution:  This results from a Phase/Category being deleted from the master list by the project team, in this case Subguard phase/category.  Even if subguard is waived, the subguard phase/category must remain in the master list to complete workflow.

Check Workflow Manager for error message, even though it may not be “in error.”

Scroll over to the end of the error message. For this issue the error message was

This is the subguard phase and category, it was removed from the standard phase/category list. Even though subguard was waived on the project and the PM deleted it, this phase/category must be in the list or it will error.

Add the phase/category to the job, go to Job Costing / Job / Assign Phases

If you get this message the job has been started and you will need to unstart the job, assign the phase/category, and then restart the job.

Select OK and confirm the phase/category is not in the list. Go to Job Costing / Utilities / Unstart Jobs

Search F11 / Find F12 for job number, write down Actual Start Date, check “unstart Jobs” and select Process

Return to Job Costing / Job Assign Phases, insert line and add Phase, page down add Category, save

Return to Job Costing / Job / Start Job, Search F11 / Find F12, enter the Actual Date you wrote down earlier and select Start Jobs