CORE - Rental Order Contract Billings - Continuation Billing

Continuation Billing:
The system is set up to use consolidated billing meaning if a single Project has multiple dispatched rental order contracts they will be consolidated onto one bill for the period.   This includes billings for rental orders that are in returned status during same period if the Project still has remaining open rental orders.  Additionally, if a rental order contract has a Required off rent date that has passed, said equipment will continue bill for that equipment regardless and until such time as equipment is in returned status.  

Billing by Contract:
In the case wherein’ the Project cannot have consolidated bills, You would manually have to run each rental order contract billing individually by Contract number PRIOR to the scheduled billing run.  Rental Results will not bill twice in same period, therefore if you run it prior to all consolidated billings, when the consolidated billing actually runs, those billings by contract will not be picked up or duplicated.  This applies to both consolidated and return billings.

Monthly Billings:
Will either run automatically on the scheduler for all yards, on a specified day of the month or run manually at the request of the Financial Manager. Both Continuation and Return Billings should be run monthly to catch either of the above listed scenarios on Rental Order Contracts

Continuation Billing Steps (Monthly):

STEP 1: Click Billing / Approvals
STEP 2: Click Billing
STEP 3: Click Continuation Billing

STEP 4: Click Create New

STEP 5: Cut-Off Date:  Enter the month end Cut-off date (the month you would like it to be billed through)

STEP 6: Cut-Off Time: Enter the time of the day associated with the cutt-off date (Example: 16:00 (4:00pm))

STEP 7: Bill by: Leave default as All

STEP 8: Transaction: Leave blank for All

STEP 9: Branch: Leave default of your branch

STEP 10: Account: Leave blank for All

STEP 11: Bill Date: Use "CMiC Post Date" for period of this Billing

STEP 12: Selection criteria: Leave blank for All

STEP 13: Contract: Leave default of 0 for All

STEP 14: Click Save to start the billing run

STEP 15: Click Yes

STEP 16: Click Yes

NOTE: The Continuation Billing screen will close and launch continuation billing.  Billing records will be calculated and the system will integrate to CMiC on the scheduler or when manually run.  Note:  If you need a billing integrated to CMiC right away, contact your system administrator.

STEP 17: Click the X in the upper right hand corner to close