Workshop Order Billings

Workshop Order Billings:
Workshop Billing can only be run once a Workshop Order in completed status has had all AP, JC and/or Timecard costs integrated from CMiC and have been Allocated to the Workshop order after which the Workshop Order has been saved in Finalized status.  Workshop Billing will be integrated to CMiC as a Monthly Billing.  Monthly Billings will either run automatically on the scheduler for all yards, on a specified day of the month or run manually at the request of the Financial Manager.

By Contract:
In the case wherein’ the Project needs a Workshop Order Billing to be run “real time” for a specific Workshop order (for example if a repair occurred after monthly billing is run but should be included in the current period billing) you could run it for a specific contract (Workshop order #) and contact your System Administrator to manually run integration to CMiC so it posts in current period.

Workshop Billing Steps (Monthly):

STEP 1: Click Billing / Approvals

STEP 2: Click Billing

STEP 3: Click Workshop Billing

STEP 4: Click Create New

STEP 5: Cut-Off Date:  Enter the month end Cut-off date (the month you would like it to be billed through)

STEP 6: Workshop Bill by: Leave default as All

STEP 7: Transaction: Leave blank for All

STEP 8: Branch: Leave default of your branch

STEP 9: Bill Date: Use "CMiC Post Date" for period of this Billing

STEP 10: Selection criteria: Leave blank for All

STEP 11: Contract: Leave default of 0 for All

STEP 12: Click Save to start the billing run

STEP 13: Click Yes

STEP 14: Click Yes

STEP 15: Click the X in the upper right hand corner to close

NOTE: The Workshop Billing screen will close and launch Workshop billing.  Billing records will be calculated and the system will integrate to CMiC on the scheduler or when manually run.  Note:  If you need a billing integrated to CMiC right away, contact your system administrator.