Company Maintenance - Period Calendars

NOTE:This document is a guide for the Finance Department who will be maintaining the period calendars in Rental Results. Closing periods would happen via the Period Close process, but re-opening periods would occur in Company Maintenance.  The flowchart below is a high level view of the process.  This material is based on the current Workshop Environment set up

The following are the steps to follow to view (and re-open) periods in Rental Results.

STEP 1:Log into Rental Results CORE

STEP 2:Choose Concord as the Branch

STEP 3:Click Configuration

STEP 4:Click System Set Up

STEP 5:Click Company Set Up

STEP 6:Click Company Maintenance

STEP 7:Click and Highlight Swinerton Builders

STEP 8:Click Edit Button

STEP 9:Click Period Details tab


A:The Current period box displays the “current open periods”


B:The Max forward posting box, displays the number of periods allowed for forward posting

STEP 10:Click Ok

STEP 11:Click the Period End Dates Tab


A: Displays the current year period end dates


B: Displays the subsequent year period end dates (these dates are automatically generated by the system when                     the year-end process is run)


C: Displays the prior year’s period end dates


D: Displays the next previous year’s period end dates

STEP 12:Click Ok

STEP 13:AR Aging dates & AP Aging Dates calendars automatically update to follow the period end date calendar because there are no ‘Terms’ currently in use.