Rental Contract Creation - No Portal Requisition - Manual Dispatch - Will Call

NOTE: Please use this type if someone has come to pick up the rental items in person or called or emailed you instead of using the Portal. 

           This means that the yard/branch will not be arranging delivery.


NOTE: Rental Order is another way of saying Rental Contract.  You  may see these terms used interchangeably.


Creating a Rental Contract

STEP 1: Click Rental & Sales

STEP 2: Choose Rental Order

STEP 3: Click New Document

STEP 4: Type in the job #

STEP 5: Choose Transaction: Rental - Manual Dispatch

STEP 6: Choose Type: Will Call

STEP 7: Click OK

STEP 8: Type in a reference

STEP 9: Choose the person that is picking the item(s) up

STEP 10: Choose the person entering the contract

STEP 11: Click the Order tab

STEP 12: Click on the Project tab

STEP 13: Enter the Phase code/Category

NOTE: You can also search for the phase code/category via the magnifying glass.  However, DO NOT choose the "0" line


STEP 14: Click the Shipping Tab

STEP 15: Verify the project address is correct

STEP 16: Choose the person requesting the equipment

STEP 17: Click on the Product tab

STEP 18: Click Add

STEP 19: Click the Item Code Magnifying glass

NOTE: For Search Pattern:  RFSER = Rental Serialized items, RFBLK - Rental Bulk items, STBLK = Sales Bulk items


STEP 20: Enter the search pattern (see above for glossary)

STEP 21: Click Enter or Search

STEP 22: Choose the item

STEP 23: Click OK

STEP 24: Enter Category

STEP 25: Enter Quantity and click Enter (Picked Goods screen will pop open)

STEP 26: Click on the radio button under the Pick column for the one you want

STEP 27: Click Close

STEP 28: Click the "Thumbs Up" if you need to "Pick" more items

STEP 29: Enter the date/time (military time) you need to deliver the item

STEP 30: Enter the Required on rent date/time (military time)

STEP 31: Enter the Required off rent date/time (military time)

STEP 32: Choose which Charge code you want to use

STEP 33: Validate the Rental Rates are correct

NOTE: If the Rental Rates come in as 0.00, see the guide for How To Enter Rental Rates


STEP 34: Click the Item text tab

STEP 35: Add any additional comments

STEP 36: Choose all the documents you want these comments to show on

STEP 37: If you are done, Click Close

NOTE: Once back on the main window, you can choose to "*Add" more lines, "Edit" existing lines or "Remove" any lines


STEP 38: Click the Dispatch icon

STEP 39: Click Yes

STEP 40: Choose the Output option you want

Output choices