Goods In from Purchase Order

Notes: This document assumes you have an existing Purchase Order in the Rental Results system that has been received from the Vendor.  If you do not have an existing PO in the system and you want to add a newly purchased asset into the system use the Goods In - To Inventory option on the Asset Ops pull down menu

STEP 1: Click Purchasing

STEP 2: Click Goods in From Purchase Order

STEP 3: Click Add New

STEP 4: Enter the PO number for the received equipment or click to search icon to search/select by vendor

STEP 5: Click OK

STEP 6: Accept today’s date as default unless you received it earlier then modify the date.

STEP 7: Click the Lines Tab

STEP 8: Highlight the purchased item row

STEP 9: Click Edit

STEP 10: Enter the received Quantity

STEP 11: Add any additional information

STEP 12: Click Sublines: Add asset detail

STEP 13: Click Add

STEP 14: Status will default to Available.  If you will not be making this item available once it’s added to inventory, change the status using the pull down selection list.

STEP 15: E-code/Barcode:  Automatically assigned by the system

STEP 16: Enter the serial number of the equipment.  If the equipment does not have a serial number enter a reference of some sort.  This is a required field

STEP 17: Enter Warranty expire date if there is one

STEP 18: Enter Manufacturer date if there is one

STEP 19: Click Analysis sets tab

STEP 20: Enter the OH Project that owns this new equipment

STEP 21: Enter the Phase code where the equipment is costed

STEP 22: Select Yes or No for Capitalized.  If Yes is selected, the equipment will be depreciated every month

STEP 23: Choose Co and Branch

Notes: Repeat Steps 13-23 until all items are accounted for.

STEP 24: Click Close

STEP 25: Click Close

STEP 26: Click Save and Close

STEP 27: Choose Yes

STEP 28: Choose window at X