Step 1 - New Job Integration Testing

Notes: These tests can be run independent of one another should the need arise to test a single integration for a fix, however for Regression/Surface Testing either on the Rental Results side as a result of a new build or on the CMiC side as a result of a new Patch install should be run in the following sequence from start to finish. NOTE: Billing/Depreciation/Goods out integrate on the ½ hour NOTE: Can’t integrate a partial batch

Start in CMiC

STEP 1: Enter new Opportunity into OM and move through to JIP.  Use 104110 in TEST, copy from 18041011 or search for title "Rental Result - xxx New Build Testing."  Change WF roles to self for Financial Manager, Workflow Manager and UDF fields not required, so it excludes department 104110.  Confirm Accounting Period is open or you will receive an error message stating "Posting period xx-xx is closed globally."  After launched to JIP, check WF and approve as FM and then WF Mgr and you are done.  Reverse the changes made to WF roles - Fin Mgr, WF Mgr and UDF fields.  No Job Set up is required in Enterprise.

Switch over to Rental Results (CORE

STEP 2: Click Financials

STEP 3: Click Project Maintenance

STEP 4: Type in the Project code and click Search

STEP 5: Validate that the job Name, number appear

STEP 6: Validate that the Task field is 0

Notes: Task = Phase Code in RR

STEP 7: Validate that there is a Finish Date so that users cannot select this phase account