Step 2 - Update/Change Job Name Integration Testing

Notes: These tests can be run independent of one another should the need arise to test a single integration for a fix, however for Regression/Surface Testing either on the Rental Results side as a result of a new build or on the CMiC side as a result of a new Patch install should be run in the following sequence from start to finish. NOTE: Billing/Depreciation/Goods out integrate on the ½ hour NOTE: Can’t integrate a partial batch

user id - kkirk

password - Redwine6^

Rental Result - CORE - Workshop (TEST) -

Rental Result - CORE - PROD -

Note: pick location with "Yard" in it when logging into Rental Result.

Start in CMiC

STEP 1: Go to Job / Enter Job and search for the new project that was set up in Step 1

STEP 2: Change the name of the job and save

Switch over to Rental Results (CORE) 

STEP 3: Click Financials

STEP 4: Click Project Maintenance

STEP 5: Type in the Project code, change Status to "Any" and click Search

STEP 6: Validate that the change integrated over (Sometimes it takes a few minutes)

Notes: If the change does not integrate then check the Interface Manager