Step 5 - New Vendor Integration Test

Notes: These tests can be run independent of one another should the need arise to test a single integration for a fix, however for Regression/Surface Testing either on the Rental Results side as a result of a new build or on the CMiC side as a result of a new Patch install should be run in the following sequence from start to finish. NOTE: Billing/Depreciation/Goods out integrate on the ½ hour NOTE: Can’t integrate a partial batch

Start in CMiC Enterprise

Notes: Make sure to set it up for Company 010, it will default to 001

STEP 1: Click on AP

STEP 2: Click Setup

STEP 3: Click Business Partner Maintenance

STEP 4: Create a new Vendor and fill in the basic fields

STEP 5: Make sure you choose SU for the class

STEP 6: Click BP Update Request

STEP 7: Choose "Both" for BP Type

STEP 8: Click Accept

STEP 9: Click Save

STEP 10: Click Exit

Notes: STOP!! and email Lolita DeLaCruz and give her the new vendor number and tell her to ignore the WF that she might get

Switch over to Rental Results (CORE) (Sometimes it takes a few minutes)

STEP 11: Click Financials

STEP 12: Click Accounts Payable

STEP 13: Click AP Account

STEP 14: Enter the new vendor code (If your CMiC vendor code starts with a "0", then you need to replace the first "0" with a 9)and click tab

STEP 15: Validate that it is there

Notes: If it is not coming in, even after a few minutes, you can check the Interface Manager (under Configurations) and see if something failed)