Step 2 - Setting up Analysis Sets

STEP 1: Click Configuration

STEP 2: Click System Set Up

STEP 3: Click Company Set Up

STEP 4: Click Analysis Sets

STEP 5: Enter 1 in ID Field

STEP 6: Click Add

Notes: The yards are just being numbered in order. Click on the word Code before you click Add and it will put them in numerical order so you know what the next one is to use

STEP 7: Enter the Yard code

STEP 8: Enter the Short Name

STEP 9: Enter the long Description

STEP 10: Click OK

STEP 11: Click Save

STEP 12: Enter 9 in the ID Field

STEP 13: Click Add

STEP 14: Enter the Code

Notes: First 3 numbers is the company code (usually going to be 010)/ Second 3 numbers will coorilate with the Yard Code you just gave it

STEP 15: Enter Short Description

STEP 16: Enter Long Description

STEP 17: Click OK

STEP 18: Click Save

STEP 19: Enter 22 in the ID Field

STEP 20: Click Add

STEP 21: Enter the Business Unit you recieved from Step 1

STEP 22: Enter Short Description

STEP 23: Enter Long Desciption

STEP 24: Click OK

STEP 25: Click Save