Setting up a New Branch

STEP 1: Click Configuration

STEP 2: Click System Set Up

STEP 3: Click Branch Set Up

STEP 4: Click Branch Maintenance

STEP 5: Click Add

STEP 6: Enter the Branch # (The Yard # that you set up in Step 2)

STEP 7: Enter the Name of the yard

Notes: You have 4 characters, try to be consistant with the other yards

STEP 8: Enter the Address

Notes: You can find the County by going to CMiC/Job Enter Job

STEP 9: Choose result (RESULT OPERATOR) for the Manager unless you know the specific person

STEP 10: Enter the Phone number of the yard

STEP 11: Enter 2

STEP 12: Enter All

STEP 13: Click OK

STEP 14: Click the Analysis Set tab

STEP 15: Enter the Branch Number

STEP 16: Enter the Co and Branch

STEP 17: Enter the Business Unit

STEP 18: Click OK

STEP 19: Click Yes

STEP 20: Close the window

STEP 21: Click Configuration

STEP 22: Click System Set Up

STEP 23: Click Company Set Up

STEP 24: Click Division Set Up

STEP 25: Click Division XReference

STEP 26: Click Branch

STEP 27: Click Add

STEP 28: Division code = 1

STEP 29: Ener Branch Code

STEP 30: Click OK