Setting up AR Account for new yard

STEP 1: Click Financials

STEP 2: Click Accounts Receivable

STEP 3: Click AR Account

STEP 4: Click Create New (The icon will be green)

STEP 5: Enter Business Unit

STEP 6: Enter Yard Name Overhead

STEP 7: Cchoose Currency (usually going to be USD)

STEP 8: Click OK

STEP 9: Enter Address

STEP 10: City should autofill but double check

STEP 11: Enter Business Number

STEP 12: Double check that everything looks the same as screenshot provided

STEP 13: Click Analysis Tab

STEP 14: Enter "J" for Job

STEP 15: Enter Company (Usually going to be 010)

STEP 16: Enter Co and Branch combination

STEP 17: Choose County Code

Notes: You should be able to find the County code by looking in CMiC under Job Enter Job - Location

STEP 18: Click Payment Tab

STEP 19: Click Override box under Sales

STEP 20: Click Override box under Rental

STEP 21: Change Batch Output method to Print

STEP 22: Click Save

STEP 23: Click Close