DRAFT best practice, as proposed by Jon Marks (entered by Tito Perez)

Best Practice / Procedure

Do all data set modelling in Excel (PowerQuery + PowerPivot)

Import the Excel PowerPivot model into Power BI desktop. Do not do any modelling in Power BI Desktop (add measures, tables, etc...)

Apply any row-level security in Power BI desktop as needed

Store the Power BI desktop .PBIX file in Power BI workspace's One Drive (the "data source" PBIX file)

Add a data source to the workspace by connecting to the OneDrive "data source" .PBIX

Create new reports using the workspace  / PowerBI service data source just added. That is: do not develop the report in the "Data Source" .PBIX


* naming convention / folder structino conventions to identify "data source" PBIX files from "report" PBIX files in OneDrive