Power BI, a powerful application for visualizing and interacting with data, is available to all Swinerton employees by request.


  • All Swinerton Employees: Anyone with an interest in working with data, and presenting reports, dashboards and visualizations. A Power BI "Pro" license is usually required for most Power BI features Swinerton uses. 
  • If you see a notice indicating a license is required to view some Power BI content and you do not yet have a pro license, you can get one using the process below. 
  • BTech is covering the cost so that all Swinerton employees may use Power BI to its full capability.

How To Request A Power BI Pro License:

Getting Started

  • If you are new to Power BI, please review the training materials posted in Swinerton University to enable you to get the most out of your Power BI experience.
  • You can also peruse Microsoft's Power BI video channel, which offers a number of excellent introductory videos.
  • Visit the Swinerton Data Office site for training, links, and news.

Recycling Licenses

  • Anybody who requests a Power BI Pro License will be assigned one and BTech will cover the cost for the license. 
  • So that BTech can be optimize our licensing spend, if you do not use Power BI for 90 days your license will be unassigned, so that it is available for active Power BI users.  
  • If you had a license that was unassigned due to inactivity, you can request it back at any time using the same request process detailed above.