Running Proforma Billing



A couple of days prior to running all billings, you should run the Pro-forma Billings as a way to check/preview your results.

Once you check your Proforma report, email it to your Financial Manager for approval before running the actual billings. 

Pro-forma Billings will generate a Pro-forma invoice in case you would like to send it to the project for approval. There are two types of Pro-forma Billings that you should run, Pro-forma Continuation Billing and Pro-forma Return Billing. In the RentalResult core system, each has their own separate screen that you will have to run. 


STEP 1: Click Billing/Approvals

STEP 2: Click Billing

STEP 3: Click either Pro-forma Continuation Billing or Pro-forma Return Billing depending on which one you are currently running

STEP 4: Click Create New

STEP 5: Enter the last day of the month for the month that you are billing

STEP 6: Enter a cutoff time (Remember this is military time)

STEP 7: Double check that your branch is populating in the field

Note: If the Branch field is accidentally left blank, it will run for all projects.


STEP 8: Enter the last day of the month for the month that you are billing

STEP 9: Click Save and Close

STEP 10: Click Yes

STEP 11: Click Yes

STEP 12: Close Pro-forma Billing Window

STEP 13: Click Inquires

STEP 14: Log into Reports

STEP 15: Type the word Proforma into the Reports Listing field

STEP 16: Click Launch

STEP 17: Enter your Branch code

STEP 18: Click Launch Report

STEP 19: Click Export Results

STEP 20: Click Excel Comma-Separated Values (.csv)

STEP 21: Click Down Arrow for Multiple Documents and choose Date Entered

STEP 22: Click Export

STEP 23: Click Open

STEP 24: Open the excel and Save As to where you want it and make it an excel type instead of .csv

STEP 25: Format / Subtotal as desired