Note: These are the instructions for how a craft foreman or superintendent will change cost codes for their craft personnel using ExakTime Mobile

STEP 1: Open the ExakTime Mobile app.

STEP 2: Enter your PIN (aka Employee ID) and press the arrow button to log in.

STEP 3: Be sure to use the "Clock In For" screen and not the "Clock In" screen

Note: ExakTime Mobile remembers who you were clocking in last time, as well as the job and cost code.

STEP 4: Choose the employee or crew whose cost code you want to change.

STEP 5: Choose the correct project.

STEP 6: Choose the correct cost code (verify the job number is correct on that cost code).

STEP 7: Check that the time is correct (the time you want to have the cost code start).

STEP 8: Click the "GO" button

STEP 9: You'll get a confirmation screen, asking you to double-check that you want to clock in everyone on that crew. At this point, you can un-check people who you don't want included, and press "Clock In" to confirm

STEP 10: You'll notice that the application does NOT go back to the login screen (as it does for individual clock-in. Make sure you log out if you're walking away



Part 3 - Rounding Rules

The First and Last punches of the day are rounded to the nearest half hour. 

  • Any punch between 6:45am and 7:14am will round to 7:00am
  • Any punch between 2:15pm and 2:44pm will round to 2:30pm