This guide will demonstrate how to execute daily approvals in ExakTime Connect.



It is our company policy that all craft time is approved daily (within 24 hours of shift ending) for accuracy, efficiency and productivity tracking.



See below for step-by-step instructions.


    Note: Admin and Foremen with Swinerton e-mails have access to log into ExakTime Connect and manage craft timecards. Their Sign-Off approval will trigger integration from ExakTime to Workday.

1. Login into ExakTime Connect.     (https://swinerton.exaktime.com/)

2. Use the menu to select Timecards > Timecard Detail.

3. Click Location View.

4. Enter and search for a project to view all employees with time against that project.

Note: If an employee is missing, they may be charging time to the wrong project. Employee View will allow you to search for individual employees.

5. The first employee’s timecard will load. Review their time and exit responses.

  1. Make corrections and/or address negative responses when necessary.

6. Click Approve Time.

7. Select the next employee and repeat steps 5 and 6 until all timecards are approved.

Note: If all time records in an employee’s timecard have the orange arrows shown below – they have already been approved and sent to Workday.