ExakTime Connect - Sending Time Early for Terminations

Note: These are the instructions for how Craft Services can export time early to cut a termination check

NOTE: The URL in the video for ExakTime Connect has been update. Please use http://swinerton.exaktime.com.

NOTE: This video has not yet been updated for the new restriction profiting approving time with exceptions. Please see Steps 9 below. (12/04/2018)

  1. For Craft Service or Payroll personnel who need to get time exported early for a termination, there is a simple procedure to follow.
  2. Log into ExakTime Connect at http://swinerton.exaktime.com 
  3. Your password will be setup by you the first time that you log in to ExakTime Connect. It will be different than your Swinerton password, so remember it,
  4. Go to Time Cards -> Time Card Summary and find the employee

  5. Always check the pay period in the top right
  6. Enter time blocks for the employee to make sure they have the correct number of hours up through their termination

  7. Click Save (at the bottom of the screen) when done .

  8. If you made changes that will affect overtime or lunches, you'll need to click the "Recalculate" button at the top of the screen to have it adjust those items.

  9. Once the time entered is correct, click "Approve Time" at the top of the page. NOTE: The "Approved Time" button will be grayed out until the exceptions are corrected.  Examples of exceptions are missing clock outs, missing cost codes, duplicate time records, time records overlapping and are indicated by the red exclamation point on the detail line. These exceptions must be corrected in order to approve time.

  10. If you go back to Time Card Summary, you'll see a check box in the "Sign Off" column now.

  11. You should see an "Export Time" button, click it when you're ready to send the time over.

  12. WARNING: When you click this button, ALL time that has been signed off at that point will be exported. This shouldn’t cause a problem, but just be aware that this is the case
  13. Within 5 minutes of clicking that button, the time should be available in WorkDay.
  14. Please follow the proper WorkDay procedures to get the time processed and a check printed.