This guide will provide details on where to find support for ExakTime.


When looking for assistance it is helpful to know where to find it.


See below for step-by-step instructions.

Note: ExakTime fluency is listed by bullet points below.


Your foreman and/or super should be your first point of contact for issues with ExakTime mobile.

  • Clock In/Out
  • Sync


Our ExakTime SwinNet page should be your first resource for ExakTime Mobile and Connect questions. There are direct links under "How To Learn It" that contain step-by-step guides. If you cannot find the answer, please contact your Craft Services Admin or Super User.

  • Clock In/Out
  • Clock For (changing tasks/cost codes for craft)
  • Sync
  • Default Location/Cost Code
  • Review/Edit History
  • Hard Sync
  • Review/Correct/Approve Timecards
  • Reports

Craft Services or Super User

Please send Craft/Foremen/Supers solutions that will resolve their question(s) or issue(s). If you cannot find the answer, please submit a support ticket.