Enter Time by "Time Block"  (Salaried)


Note:To enter your work hours, it can be accessed by using the Worklet or using the search field by typing "enter my time"


Use this method if you are working on multiple projects or multiple phases (Use Quick time if you only have one project/one phase)

Company Holidays will auto populate in payroll
Sick Time and Vacation will have to be entered via the Time Off Worklet






STEP 1: Click Time





STEP 2: Click Select Week





STEP 3: Choose the first day of the pay period starts



STEP 4: Click Ok





STEP 5: From the calendar view, Double Click on the date that you want to enter time for



STEP 6: Click into the Time Type field to select your Job and Phase - There are two options here:


1. Most Recently Used - if you have already charged time to a project/phase, you can select it here.


2. Project Plan Tasks - Select your Job and Phase from the list provided




STEP 7: Enter Hours Worked on that project



STEP 8: Click the sign to verify additional details of your time coding.  Here you will see information that is defaulted based on your job location (for payroll tax purposes), your department org chart and your position.



Note: The region and Location need to match where you are physically working.  These details default in based on the job/department location you are charging to.  If you are physically working somewhere else, you need to change the region and the location to where you are working.  Reference THIS solution for updating your location worked.




Note: If any of the details in step 8 appear incorrect, please submit a Swinerton Support Ticket.  It will be routed to the proper resources to verify the information is correct.



STEP 9: Click Ok



Note: Complete this process until all hours/projects are in for that day/week




STEP 10: Click the forward arrow to take you to the next time block/week



Note: Complete the above process until all hours/projects are in for that pay period



STEP 11: Once all your time for that time period is entered, Click Review



STEP 12: Review your hours to make sure everything is correct



STEP 13: Click Submit


STEP 14: Your time has been submitted, you can return to your home screen. 



Note: Once you click Submit, your Approver will receive a notification to approve your time card 



 If you realize you need to fix something, double click on that item in the calendar and modify. You will then need to Resubmit that change. 


Once approved, time is locked