Delegating Approvals when out of office

Workday allows you to delegate your inbox items if you are unable to perform the actions yourself (Due to vacation, sickness or Leave).

NOTE: There is no longer a 2nd and 3rd approver as your backup!! If you don't Delegate you approvals when you are gone, then your employees timecards will not get approved.

STEP 1: Go to your Inbox either by clicking on the Inbox icon in the upper right hand corner or by clicking on the Go to Inbox in the lower left hand corner of the home screen.

STEP 2: From the Inbox Actions tab shown above:

STEP 3: Click Icon> My Delegations.

Note: You can also type My Delegations in the Search bar.

STEP 4: Click Manage Delegations.

STEP 5: Enter the Begin Date and End Date for the delegation. (Period you will be out of the office or unable to approve items)

Step 6: Select a user to delegate your tasks TO in the Delegate field, by typing in their name. 

Note: You will not see a list of people to choose from, you have to actually type in the person's name you want to perform your tasks for you.

Please select carefully – generally, you should only delegate to people at your management level or above.

STEP 7: Start on my behalf field - This functionality should rarely be used.  ONLY populate this field if you want people to start business processes on your behalf.  In almost all cases, you will only be delegating your Inbox tasks (Approvals) so this field will be left blankThis option should very rarely be necessary since everyone already has access to Start tasks that they should need to

STEP 8: In the "Do Inbox Tasks on My Behalf" section, select whether to delegate all business processes, specific business processes like time entry approval, or none of the above.

STEP 9: Check "Retain Access to Delegated Tasks in Inbox" if you would like the ability to view and modify your Inbox while delegated.

STEP 10: Select a Delegation Rule if you want to restrict the delegation on a specific business process

STEP 11: Click Submit

STEP 12:  View the Confirmation page.  The confirmation page will confirm that the delegation has been assigned to your Manager for approval.

STEP 13: Click Done.