Your Inbox

Note: All Manager approvals and actions will come through your Workday Inbox.  As a Manager, you need to be checking your Workday Inbox regularly.  Notification of tasks, approvals, due dates etc are sent to you as a part of Swinerton's business processes.

 Note: For each item in your Inbox, you will also receive an email to your Swinerton Outlook account from Swinerton Workday

STEP 1: Click on the Inbox icon in the upper right hand corner OR you can click on  the Go to Inbox in the lower left hand corner of the page

STEP 2: Review and take Actions on tasks in your Inbox.

Note: Actions tab holds all actionable items (Things you need to complete)

Note: Archive tab holds everything completed and all notifications


STEP 3: Review your Viewing options and set it up how you want to see your items



STEP 4: Tasks will vary based on your Management position.  You will often see Approve, Send Back or Deny at the bottom of each approval task. After completing the task, click the appropriate button to submit and finalize the task.

Note: Use the Send Back button to return the request to your employee for corrections or additional information.Use the Deny button if the request is being denied.If you use the deny button, the employee will need to start the request from the beginning to resubmit.


View Notifications

Notifications are different than your inbox.  Notifications are notices that do not need action, FYIs, unlike items in your inbox.


STEP 1: Click on the Notifications icon in the upper right hand corner

STEP 2: Once you have read a notification, you can click the circle to mark as read

STEP 3: Review your Viewing options and set it up how you want to see your items